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About ProLogium

General Info

  • ProLogium Technology (Pro- Prolong- Logi- ium) (PLG)
  • Establishment Time: Oct 3rd, 2006
  • Location: Taipei, Taoyuan
  • Capital : ≒ 11.38 Million USD
  • Employees : 400 members ( till 2020/E)
  • Technologies: 100% ProLogium (PLG) owned
  • Main Product & Core Technology: LCB (Lithium Ceramic Battery)
  • Main Production Mode: Roll to Roll (from 2015)
  • Patent:Total 409(Issued: 236/ Application: 173)  ( till 2020/E)

Core Value

Innovation 、 Quality 、 Speed 、 Service

ProLogium(PLG), from one lab member to most advanced automated manufacturing line now, has steadily and solidly grown for 15 years since ProLogium(PLG) established. The business objective is to offering the most competitive and useful products to customers by most innovative technology, product, and fastest services to enhance human life's quality. We believe that only innovative technology can actually bring the value to customers. And only continual improvement, good quality, and fast response can satisfy customers. Having a strong technical background is no doubt the key to success in competing within the ever-changing information industry, an aspect which ProLogium(PLG) excels at. Not only the founder’s own invention and R&D engineers' constantly hard working, but also employees' every effort as their own career makes ProLogium(PLG) superior than any other competitors in the world. Towards the coming challenges, ProLogium(PLG) is ready to be a profitable and high growth company by sequential recruiting elites, increasing technical threshold, and expanding the economy scale.


Technology 、 Product 、 Patent

ProLogium(PLG) is a cell maker. The core competence, FLCB (FPC Lithium-Ceramic Battery), is the worldwide first success of solid-like Li battery technology. As of the end of May 2017, Prologium(PLG) has more than 80 current and 30 applying patents around the world, including product technology, mechanical and chemical system, manufacturing facilities, manufacturing process, product applications…, etc. ProLogium(PLG) FLCB breaks a new ground in Li-ion Battery about the battery appearance, technique, production process, features, and safety. FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) and solid-like electrolyte were intrepidly adopted and achieve the possibility of Li-Battery's thinning out, flexibility, and ultra-safety. The dangers of leakage, fire, or explosion are not issues anymore. Formable Mechanism of the FLCB also makes the High Flexibility of Product Design, including Flexible or Irregular Forming mode. FLCB provides access to a wide variety of markets, contributes significantly to the end product benefit and is difficult for competitors to imitate for its depth of technology Know-How.

Customer- orientation

At ProLogium(PLG), we value each customer as an important individual. We are welcome to customized designs and offer kinds of different battery cells with unlimited dimension, different chemical system, high voltage or high capacity operating systems…, and etc. We are pleased to share fresh ideas about new product applications to our customers and connect them to the industry chain vertically or horizontally to satisfy their needs, speed the projects, and strengthen the alliance. We persistently seek better ways of understanding their needs and how they use technology, and providing them value through information and support. To them, we insist to do the things best to increase their unique competitive advantage.

Environmental security policies are

  • Compliance with regulations, energy saving and waste reduction.
  • Pollution prevention and continuous improving.
  • Prevent disasters and risk control implement.
  • Implement education, consultation and communication.


Quality policies are

  • R & D innovation, quality foremost.
  • Customer satisfaction and sustainable development.

ProLogium Conflict Minerals Statement

The “conflict minerals” are gold, tantalum, tungsten and tin that is originated by the illegal armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries. Such armed groups steal the illegal minerals profit from citizen and violate human rights in DRC.

Through our website and standard supplier contracts/purchasing agreements, ProLogium makes a statement that we don’t support or use the “conflict minerals”.
ProLogium expects each of our suppliers to obey Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and the source materials only from socially responsible suppliers.
Owing to the complicated chain of custody of minerals, we can’t precisely trace and identify the origin of minerals that go into our products. Specifically, we promise and take the following action:
1. Ask our suppliers to inform us all related information immediately if there are any conflict minerals in products supplied to ProLogium.
2. Ask our suppliers to implement due diligence processes to the responsible sourcing of minerals and guarantee that there is no “conflict minerals” in products supplied to ProLogium.

ProLogium Declaration of Following RBA Principles

ProLogium promises to obey the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) principles and ask our suppliers to do so.

ProLogium Human Rights Policy

ProLogium underscore our longstanding commitment to respect and promote fundamental human rights in every aspect of our business. We seek to ensure that the people who work at our company and factory are treated with fairness, dignity and respect. 

Our promise to safeguard workers’ right we hold hereunder: 

1. Never hire child labor or gain from exploiting child labor.Offer healthy and safe workplace for employees.
Distinctly permit the use of forced labor and overtime in any kinds of forms.
Never prejudice against or have differentiated treatment for any employees or interviewees for any reasons such as race, color of skin, age, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, pregnancy, religious belief, political stance, or marital status..., etc.
Explicitly prohibited any sexual harassment or inhuman treatment of employees at work, physically or mentally.
Exactly comply with the laws, including minimum wages, hours, weekly rest and holidays, benefit…, etc.
Respect and protect employees’ freedom of speech and freedom of association.
Establish communication channels for dialogues without interference. 
ProLogium’s code of conduct complies with the related local labor laws and international standard.


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