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Consumer Application

Innovative Lithium Ceramic Battery technology overcomes conventional lithium battery’s fatal shortcomings  like safety, bulky and problems caused by aging& environment change, breaking through obstacles that lithium battery has brought. From thin, flexible FLCB to high energy PLCB, ProLogium provides higher design flexibility, moreover, ProLogium’s SSB won’t explode or catch fire even after being cut, fold or placed in extremely environment.
ProLogium’s FLCB and PLCB have been widely adopted by customers in smart card, IoT, wearable and portable device fields.

◆ Ultra-Safe: No fire, no explosion and no leakage after physical/electrical/heat impact.
◆ Wider Operation Window: Wearable_Discharge: -40°C~90°C ; IoT&Portable device_Discharge: -40°C~105°C
◆ Variable cell form factor, higher design flexibility
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