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Battery Outlook and Capacity

Battery Outlook and Capacity
* is it able to stack layers to increase the capacity?

Ans:  Yes, all LCB(Lithium Ceramic Battery) family are able to be stacked layers by layers to increase the total capacity simply with eyelet setting on terminals. The only one difference is that FLCB (FPC Type-LCB) adapts "outside stacking" way but PLCB (Pouch Type-LCB) adapts "inner stacking" instead. As for the outlook appearance, LCB family products are all rectangle like general Li polymer battery does.

* Is LCB able to be made in any shape like circle, U shape, or L shape? Why?

Ans:  Yes, but no recommend. Because LCB adapts "integral coating process" to made battery cells. If it is circle, U shape, L shape, or other irregular shape, the cell capacity will be less, the manufacturing process will become complicated, take longer time to do so, and cost will be more expensive accordingly as well. The best utilization and most efficient shape is rectangle. 


* How much can it bendWhat is the smallest radius of the furling rod battery?

Ans:  FLCB is truly flexible and rollable which can even furled into a small strew. The smallest radius of the furling rod is about 2.5mm. But the other product, PLCB, is not flexible since it's for non-flexible application.


* What is the limitation bending curve of single cell and paralleled ones? The best solution is?

Ans:  Single cell is able to be bent for 360° and even formed into a small strew by rolling. And battery paralleled for 4 pieces or less performs well, too. 

* Does LCB need special circuit to support during charging or discharging?  

Ans:  LCB is a Lithium battery. The chemical inside is as same as Li polymer batteries’. If it’s in a hurry, it’s fine to adapt the same PCB that Li polymer does. But if there is enough time, adjust the parameter according to LCB’s speciation, the electrical performance will be optimized. 

Sample / Information & Brochure

Sample / Information & Brochure

* Can I have few samples of same series product? Is there any catalog? 

A: For product spec., please refer to “Technology” menu of our website. For brochures/ DM/ catalogues, please refer to “Download” menu. For sample testing, please let us know the test items or project needs to speed up the process since it depends on the production schedule.



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