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LCB Technology

Solid-state LCB (Lithium Ceramic Battery)

is a Lithium-ion battery cell which adopts Solid-state Ceramic Electrolyte rather than liquid/ jelly ones of Li polymer battery (LPB). Unlike the PE or PP polymer separator between cathode and anode of LPB, we directly put the incompressible Solid-state Ceramic Electrolyte instead. So there is no leakage and no flammable material inside, no shortage will happen under the normal usage, physical impact tests, or electrical damage tests, either. The Solid-state Ceramic Electrolyte also has good thermal stability includes 200~260°C for 3~10 seconds. There is no thermal runaway at 350°C or salting out at low temp. It never melt as well (LPB will melt around 120~150°C). Therefore, even it’s damaged by folding, hitting, penetrating, heating (250°C, 5hrs), LCB doesn’t fire nor explode.

All rechargeable Lithium battery need a “protection circuit” to control the voltage between 2.5V ~ 4.2V/4.35V and to prevent the battery from over charging to exploding, and over discharging to irreversible damaging. But after abnormal charging at DC 6V, 30V, and even AC 110V-220V without the protection circuit, LCB is still ultra-safe (no fire, no explosion).


The biggest natural difficulties of solid-state Li Battery are (1)Poor C-rate, and (2)High inner resistance.ProLogium keeps decreasing ACIR through developing new chemical system and exclusive internal conducting technology. 

Revolutionary Manufacturing Process is another innovation of LCB. Since 2006, ProLogium adopts full-printing/ coating/ deposition way to produce the ultra-thin LCB. Moreover, LCB is the only one Lithium battery which can adopt Roll to Roll/ Reel to Reel production way for the whole production line including assembling process in the world. The construction of fully automated G1+ production line will be completed in 2018, making great progress in production capacity and yield ratio. 

Packaging Diversity: Under the ultra-safe chemical structure of LCB, ProLogium has better product design flexibility than competitors. By using FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) as package material of LCB, we can manufacture ultra-thin battery called “FLCB (FPC Type-LCB)” which is only 0.38mm and able to do the dynamic bending.
By using Al foil pouch as package of LCB and inner stacking technology, we can manufacture bigger battery with higher capacity called “PLCB (Pouch Type-LCB)”

Design Diversity : On account of excellent stability of chemical material, we are able to adopt futuristic battery technology. For instance, silicon anode or li-metal anode are both under development and will be rolled out in succession.

Revolutionary BiPolar+ Tech: Because there is no liquid/jelly type electrolyte inside LCB, ProLogium successfully put through worldwide first BiPolar+ Cell, which is able to do direct-serial and parallel inside cell. Hence, single BiPolar+ cell can reach 60V or higher, the design of BMS, shunt, and protection circuit can be simplified. What’s more, the cost of battery pack can be much lower.

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