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PLCB Technology

PLCB (High Capacity Type LCB)

PLCB is the follow-on product of FLCB, adopts Al foil pouch for package material with electrodes stacking inside package. PLCB obtain higher capacity/ energy density than FLCB. Thus, PLCB is positioned to higher capacity application such as EV, UAV, Vehicles or industrial ,medical applications that demand high safety. The process of PLCB has been upgraded from sheet by sheet to roll to roll, improving yield rate and reduce production cost.

It is known that penetrating Lithium Battery, whether it is packed with protection mechanism or not, is like giving a torch to the broken fuel tank. And, a 5000mAh Lithium battery is like 1/4 M26 (hand grenade of US army). That’s why we can hear the explosion accident of EV car from time to time.


High Safety
is the biggest advantage of PLCB for automotive power. There is no possibility of catching fire or explosion even after LCB is penetrated, heated or over charged. It also pass EUCAR safety test, reaching hazard level 2~3, the dream level of safety.( International top tier cell maker can only pass level 4~5). Generally speaking, LCB is the safest battery in the world.
Wider Operation Window is the other advantage that beats all LPB. Due to there is no liquid/jelly type electrolyte inside LCB, we break the restriction of temperature. Conventional lithium battery can only discharge under 0~45∘C , PLCB can do -25~90∘C discharge, wider when storage. Therefore, LCB will be applicable in all kinds of environment human being can reach. Even in extremely high temperature environment like oven, industrial boiler or smoke alarm , LCB will stay workable.


Fast Charging ability is highly related to internally conductivity, being regarded as solid-state battery’s Achilles heel. However, after years of researching, ProLogium conquered the disadvantage, decreasing the ACIR of LCB and make it the first solid-state battery with 5C charging ability. Besides, there is no temperature rising during fast charging (lower than body temperature) and remain safety. All these features make PLCB the best choice of automotive battery.
High Energy Density is another achievement in 2017. Through keep improving chemical system, PLCB have highest energy density among most of automotive battery. Further more, based on LCB’s high safety, protection mechanism, cooling system and BMS could be simplified to increase space utility and energy density(module level), also reduce module cost.
Revolutionary BiPolar+ Tech: Because there is no liquid/jelly type electrolyte inside LCB, ProLogium successfully put through worldwide first BiPolar+ Cell, which is able to do direct-serial and parallel inside cell. Hence, single BiPolar+ cell can reach 60V or higher, the complex design of BMS, shunt, and protection circuit could be simplified. The additional benefit is the cost of battery pack system can by much lower. At pack level, the automotive battery adopts BiPolar+ Tech could have 1.4 times higher energy density than LPB one.


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