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FLCB technology

FLCB (Flexible Type LCB)

FLCB is the worldwide first and only one Lithium battery which adopts FCCL (Flexible Copper Clad Laminate) of FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) as substrate and current collector. It not only breaks the battery normal outlook but also the production process of traditional LPB.  Many people call it “paper battery”, it’s wrong because it’s not made of paper but it exactly tells the features of FLCB since it’s ultra-thin with the thickness of 0.49mm and the excellent flexibility of dynamic bending and furling (form into a small cylinder by rolling). Besides, it’s also made by full-printing/ coating/ deposition sheet by sheet (from 2006) or roll to roll/reel to reel (from 2016) instead of the traditional winding process.

With ultra-thin and flexible features, FLCB could open endless possibilities. It can give a company more design freedom to deliver a SmartWatch or a Temperature Patch that isn’t bulky or constricted to the traditional watch or patch look and design. In short, it is particularly suitable for dynamic bending applications, ultra-thin applications, and single cell applications including wearable electronics, stylish wearable power bank, smart watch/wrist, smart clothes/shoes, smart glasses, temperature sensing patch, GPS tracking sensor, temperature tracking tag, smart display card, functional card, traffic display card, IOT, electrical cigarettes, electrical pens, and health care products…, etc. There is also small part of our customers use FLCB for niche market like medical instruments. Yet, above products are merely the basic categories for using FLCB, we believe that there are more and more creative, innovative product applications accordingly.

Another amazing feature of FLCB is the safety. A FLCB cell in use keeps working even through is cut into pieces and stabbed with a pair of scissors. The followingPhysical Impact Testsis bare cell without any security of protection IC or rigid frame. Experiments confirmed that FLCB is intrinsically safe and still workable even after folding, hitting, penetrating, cutting, or burning.

Large Footprint is another feature of FLCB good for both engineers and customers. The smallest size of standard product now is 27*38mm like a stamp and the largest one is 107*163mm. This can widely apply to kinds of application no matter a small functional card or a large lighting jacket and make large devices thinner. What is more, it can be as large as 1 square meter (1M2) with 40~50Ah big capacity inside the thickness of 0.45mm(+-0.05) by roll to roll/reel to reel production way. And probably a portable massage chair, a heating floor, or a powering wall of a smart house isn’t a sketch of imagination on paper any more.
Good H/L Pressure Tolerance is also a great feature of FLCB. It can discharge under outer space-like extreme vacuum environment (swelling<5% and no leakage). Thus, even be planted on unpressurized aircraft cabin or vacuum machine, FLCB will stay workable.






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