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MAB Pack Technology

MAB Battery Pack Technology

Multi-Axis BiPolar+

If solid state batteries are directly assembled as a conventional battery pack, it is just like keeping a soaring eagle in a bird case; cannot fully exploit the advantages of solid-state battery.

Therefore, ProLogium developed a brand-new packaging approach with respect to the high security, heat dissipating capability, and mechanism characteristics of solid-state battery, and created the MAB (Multi-Axis Bipolar+ Pack) technology.
Commonly defined battery cells are nowhere to be seen in this battery pack.
Instead, electrodes are directly stacked via bipolar battery technology for the serial and parallel connection. It is equipped with the heat dissipating function at the battery cell stage to save a huge amount of wires, packaging, and heat dissipating materials which cannot provide any electricity.
It can simplify the design and space of battery management system, greatly enhance the efficiency of battery pack, and comprehensively strengthen the advantage of solid-state battery.


High Cell Energy Density X High Assembly Efficiency = High Pack Energy Density

PLG’s goal in battery pack design is to achieve maximum “battery pack assembly efficiency“ by increasing the weight/volume proportion of battery cells in the overall battery pack, and by reducing parts that do not directly produce energy.
Due to the highly hazardous nature of liquid/jelly type lithium batteries, conventional battery packs need intensive protection, BMS and cooling systems for stability and safety, causing the low assembly efficiency of 37-53%, while PLG MAB pack can increase assembly from 29% to 56.5%.
Through simultaneously increasing cell E.D. and assembly efficiency, PLG plans to attain the high E.D. battery pack that reach mileage of gasoline car and remain high safety and stability in 2022. Solving pain points of EV- safety and mileage, bringing the real high performance and safe EV into market.


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